Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poem from June 17th, 2008 + Drawing.

"Artemis and Men"

Can't you drag the forest far,

And recall the euphoric whining of the wild, new heavens in repose,

With its heavy, cacophonic churning, too full to fling?

They, the beast, foolishly resolving the seem too soon,

Fly their long birds that bib, bab, and bob with white yarn and pests

Against the sweaty kiln of twilight, lit from within by the green-glow mirrored eyes

Of coons and rats, growing in couplets, forever horizontal and burning by the zillion

Strange shadows twist the faces of Eden's pioneering idiots,

Already dimpled with little shutters and valves, mound upon mound, spitting glue

And the animals laugh, posed in the brush, as man moans and polishes his thorn

And somehow, it seems, always caught in the miraclulament of youth, I remain uninvolved

And settle beside the ghost of Byzantium for an untimely breakfast at sea

And I crown myself again with a crescent moon, to cap the crack in my skull

That once released my twin, the deer, and the swift trajectory of a silver arrow from a silver bow

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