Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poem from May 21st, 2008.


Tempered orange, vertebrae intact, mighty marble mother,

Coming home was worthwhile, coming home was - ... legendarily so

Iridescent, looming, like a little cottonmouth, little carry-on

Flying red flags against white license, set serial codes, the core

Reeling beyond rainbow cataracts, milky, subtle and sweet

A myriad of premarital plebians with hunting hounds, here to break the mass,

Distribute the weight, cross-pollinate the fruits of their labor and dig trenches

Dental plaque! Sportsmanship!

Riverboat! Sportsmanship!

Terrycloth! Sportsmanship!

Earn, earning, earned, and modern - so modern, so relevant, so honest

So independently wealthy and well-endowed were we, where it was

When we were and where it went, fairly lightly and limberly we'd lurch

So independently lonely and cast out were we, then and now, so low

But can we count the days 'til reformation? Can we document? Justice?

Beating the dust from an antique curtain of specters, wildly salivating

For the Fatherland, like a theme park, like poaching exotic game

Here on the border, the post-idiot, the lion laid parallel to flies

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