Monday, April 7, 2008

Found Poetry from Mid-January.

Recently I had the opportunity to study in time for a nice lobster dinner.

These intangibles are absolutely central.

It's really a lot like choosing a college professor, better yet, a hairdresser

who is able to get me wrong. I don't even possess a picture of her. 

Years ago, I would have leapt up from my bed,

grabbed my camera and held down the bass line, pumping an

interesting pattern of long-distance dispersal.

Things get a litter trickier when trying to get at the qualities we provide to nature.

As I lay in bed drifting

back to sleep, I wondered what the future


Somewhere off to the left,

another bittern responded. A low note

penetrated our consciousness slowly.


remain unsure, and many now look at how it might be affected by competition

in the future.

Well, I selfishly feel bad that I will not have access to my bird.

My concerns tended to consist of just getting everyone to the boat


--- Words and sentences taken from various birding magazines.

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