Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Think I Wanna Go (Away).

Need to do song paintings. Tap into that color synesthesia craziness. Break songs up into 3-second intervals of sound. Settle on arrangement of pieces. Contact humans who make music, preferably those humans who write songs that sound like they could have been written for the soundtrack to some mythical journey to recover a collection of misplaced, magical relics. TOTAL CHAOS ENSUES.

Also need to begin THE SECRET EXPERIMENT. So, practice cuteness and stealth. Wear rubber gloves. Tricks and treats.

Bees on branches. Scrap wood. Do something about that goddamn living room // consider moving to deCleyre. WEVL needs Dance Hawk. Art history: school and get schooled (emphasis on contemporary art). Gain the respect of A.D. and D.D. Write the fuck out of Writing II. Read and write more poems. Edit that GODFORSAKEN mess I scrawled last week. Decide how I feel about this, once and for all. Respond to it. Learn to act female (OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE). Website for warehouse with Rowlett. Do something seasonal before season is out. Learn how not to get dysentery in Mexico. Coerce Taylor into collaborating with me on translation project. More of Opie's slide lectures.

Yeah. Oh yeah.

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