Thursday, December 13, 2007

God Is A Mouse.

So for the past few years, I've found myself compulsively drawing pictures of children interacting with their environment in curious, whimsical ways. Whether these drawings were intended to portray actual, literal events, or if they are portraying something completely imagined, I am not sure ... But it's definitely become a theme: these strange, reciprocal actions shared between unlikely structures ... A human(s) and a pair of boots, a feather, a turtle, a four-leaf clover, a sleeping dog, drapery ... What is this? What is being exchanged? What is being intellectualized?

I thought about it for a moment this morning, and, in some awkward attempt to account for what it is I can't stop doing, wrote a quick, embarassingly messy statement.

This series of drawings reflects a kind of spiritual desperation, a cry for belonging in a world of endless, foreboding parallels. Brought up within the architectural confines of the church, with none but the chaplain to preach ethics and morality, our innate longing to express creative power is stifled. This is a survey on metaphysical exploration through the spectrum of childhood. Children possess the unique aptitude to feel empathy for all material structures, both large and small, both organic and inorganic - a precious, transient inclination to question, challenge, and eventually apply meaning to all that presents itself to them. These objects and organisms are not perceived as obstacles which one must overcome in order to someday meet some higher, celestial entity, but as vehicles through which they, themselves, will structure their own, uniquely tailored system of ethics, based upon that which exists within life. Emotional damage is not being sustained, it is being diverted and/or transformed. Are innocence and impartiality the antithesis to scholasticism? God only knows!

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